Rental Insurance

Rental reimbursement insurance is generally used in three different situations:

  1. when the policy holder was at fault for the caused wreck
  2. when there is a  dispute concerning fault
  3. when the at fault party does not have insurance.

People generally have three main questions about rental reimbursement.

First, people want an example about what happens when rental reimbursement needs to be used. This can be best answered through an example. Imagine that you have been in a car accident. Both parties are disputing about who is at fault for the accident. During the time when the insurance companies are trying to determine who your rental reimbursement insurance policy is at fault for the accident will pay for you to have access to a rental car.

The next question that many people have about rental reimbursement insurance is how long the policy will pay for the policyholder to have a rent car. The answer to this question depends on the damage that the accident caused to the vehicle. If your car is repairable you can get a rental vehicle for the time it takes to repair the vehicle. If your car cannot be repaired the policy will pay for you to have access to a rental vehicle for the amount of time it takes you to acquire a new vehicle.

The last question that people generally have is whether it is a good idea to purchase rental insurance. It is a good idea to obtain rental reimbursement insurance. This insurance will greatly benefit you in the event that you are in an accident and the other parties insurance is attempting to avoid liability for the accident.

If you have rental reimbursement insurance you will be able to have access to a rental car while the insurance company stalls paying your claim.

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