Emergency Road Services Insurance

Emergency road services insurance, also known as road side assistance, provides coverage for when your car breaks down or will not start.

Every policy is different.

The language of the policy always controls so it is important to read your insurance policy if you have any questions about what services you have access to in the event of an emergency.

Potential services include:

  • jump starting vehicles that will not start
  • assisting with flat tires
  • paying for a locksmith in the event that you lock yourself out of your car
  • bring you gas if you are stranded

It is always a good idea to purchase road side insurance. This insurance policy will prevent you from being stranded in an emergency situation.

There are two different things you should consider when you are considering whether you should purchase emergency road services insurance.

First, you should consider the age of your vehicle. The fact of the matter is that if you have an older car you are more likely to run into a situation where you need emergency roads service insurance.

Also, you should consider the conditions of the roads that you are driving on. If you know that the road conditions are dangerous you should consider purchasing emergency road services insurance.

If you have more questions about whether you should purchase this insurance you can speak to an insurance agent about adding this policy to your insurance coverage.

If you have any questions about emergency road services insurance you can contact the lawyers at Stoy Law Group.

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