Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection is a type of insurance coverage. PIP will cover injury related damages regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

This means that if you are at fault for the accident you can still file a PIP claim.

This is not the case with other types of insurance.

If your passengers were injured the passengers may also recover damages under the policies personal injury protection policy.

Most people have $2,500 PIP coverage. However, it is important to look at your insurance policy in order determine your coverage limits.

Also note that you may have personal injury protection coverage even if you did not purchase it. Insurance agents must have their policyholders sign a statement waving personal injury protection. If you did not sign this waiver your personal injury protection coverage likely has a $2,500 policy limit.

Insurance companies have their bottom line in mind when they are dealing with claimants. Some personal injury protection policy holders question whether they should file a claim on the policy.

Policy holders worry that their premiums will increase if they file a claim on their policy. While it is impossible to guarantee that your premiums will not increase the best move is likely to file the claim.

The amount of money that you will receive from your policy will likely be much greater than potential premium increase.

Plus, you should not let insurance companies trick you into not receiving the policy benefits that you are entitled to.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are questioning whether you should file a claim you should discuss the situation with a personal injury attorney.

If you need assistance filing the claim speak to the lawyers at Stoy Law Group. We understand how insurance companies operate.

We fight for our client’s right to receive adequate compensation.