Who do I Sue After an Auto Accident?

After being in a car accident many people wonder who they should sue.

This video is designed to help explain who you should sue in the event of a car accident. When you are involved in a car accident you must sue the individual or entity that negligently caused the accident.

This means that you should sue the driver that caused your injury, not the driver’s insurance company.

It is also important to know that even though you need to sue the person responsible for the insurance company, it is likely that the insurance company will get involved in the suit.

In fact, most insurance companies provide legal counsel to their policyholders when they are sued. So even though you are not suing the insurance company, the insurance company will be heavily involved in the suit.

Some people believe that the concept of suing the driver rather than the insurance company leads to problems.

Imagine that you are involved in a car accident.

The at-fault party is an elderly lady. Some juries may not want to enter a verdict against this “innocent” elderly lady. An additional complication is that there is a Texas law that prohibits plaintiffs from discussing insurance during the trial.

However, despite the limitations most juries understand that insurance companies are involved in the background. Even though most juries know that insurance companies are involved in the background it is impossible to know what a jury will award.

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