Stowers Demand

One question that the lawyers at Stoy Law Group often come across is: “what is a stower’s demand?”  A stower’s demand is a tool that experienced personal injury lawyers use in order to help their clients receive adequate compensation from insurance companies.

This video provides a brief history of the origin of the term “stower’s demand.”

The video also discusses five elements of a stowers demand:

  • demand must be within policy limits
  • liability must be reasonably clear
  • a reasonable insurer would accept the offer
  • the demand must be unconditional
  • the demand must offer a full release

If all five of these conditions are met “stower’s liability” can be triggered.

The video goes on to discuss how the stower’s demand works.

First, the personal injury attorney representing the plaintiff will send a demand letter the at fault parties insurance company. This demand letter includes an offer to settle the case for the policy limits and proof that the damage that the plaintiff suffered exceeds the policy limits.

The demand must also include a deadline.

The insurance company could be liable for the sum of a jury verdict in excess of the policy limit if the insurance company does not pay the amount in the demand letter by the deadline stated in the letter.

If you have been injured in a car accident it is important for you to hire an experienced car accident attorney.

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