Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments coverage, sometimes referred to as med pay, pays for medical expenses that the insured suffers as a result of an automobile related accident.

Medical payments coverage also pays for medical expenses of any passengers that were riding with the insured at the time of the accident.

It is important to note that medical payments coverage does not cover some expenses that other types of insurance cover such as lost wages. Also, note that it is possible for at fault party to seek reimbursement for payments made to you.

This concept is best illustrated through an example. Imagine that you were involved in a car accident and as a result you suffered $10,000 of damage. You have a medical payments insurance policy that covers $2,000 of your damages. In this scenario, the at fault party can recover the amount of money that this insurance policy provided you.

In this case, the insurance company can recover $2,000.

Due to the possibility of reimbursement from other insurance policies, the at fault insurance company will often immediately ask if you have other insurance policies that are applicable.

Due to the complex nature of insurance policies it may be necessary for you to retain an attorney after you have been involved in a car accident. Your attorney will be able to help you deal with an insurance company who refuses to pay you adequate compensation.

Additionally, your attorney will assist you in any lawsuits that you may be a party to.

If you have any questions about medical payments coverage that were not addressed in this video you should discuss your situation with the experienced personal injury attorneys at Stoy Law Group. You can also read more about Medical Payments Insurance in our blog post how car insurance works.

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