Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is a type of insurance coverage. Insurance policies can be confusing.

In light of this possibility, this video is designed to provide you with a basic summary of what types of damages that comprehensive coverage will protect you against. Remember that it is important to take a look at the actual language in your insurance policy. The language in the policy is what controls in the event that you need to seek compensation from you insurance company.

It is important to point out that unlike other types of insurance, comprehensive coverage will cover damage to your vehicle even when your vehicle was not in motion. Other types of insurance do not provide coverage in situations where your vehicle was not in operation.

Also note that comprehensive coverage policies often have deductibles. The deductible is essentially the amount of out of pocket expenses that the policyholder must pay in the event of an accident.

The insurance company will pay for damages that the policy holder incurs which were not paid for by the deductible. Individuals often select high deductibles in order to receive a lower premium payment.

There are a lot of different types of damages that comprehensive coverage insurance can protect you against inducing: theft or vandalism, damages caused by animals, damage caused by natural disasters, and damage caused by falling objects.

If your car has been damaged in a situation that you believe should be covered by your comprehensive insurance you should discuss the situation with the lawyers at Stoy Law Group.

We offer free initial case consultations that are designed to help potential clients determine what their legal rights are.

Additionally, if you have any questions about comprehensive coverage that were not covered by this video feel free to reach out to the experienced personal injury lawyers at Stoy Law Group. You can also find more information on comprehensive coverage in our blog post on how car insurance works.

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