Types of Truck Wreck Injuries

Truck wreck injuries can be emotional and traumatic and can include imposing catastrophic injuries and even fatalities, including wrongful deaths. The sheer size and weight of the trucks as well as the weight of their cargo can make commercial trucks intimidating for other drivers, passengers and pedestrians.truck wreck injuries

Statistics involving truck wrecks paint a frightening picture of accidents that happen at unlikely times and cause serious injuries that force victims to lose wages, incur tremendous healthcare expenses and endure long periods of trauma, pain and suffering. Truck wreck injuries as well as the personal property damage surrounding these accidents are not only serious but are also complicated.

Imposing Truck Wreck Statistics

As the following truck wreck statistics from 2014 indicate, truck accidents occur at seemingly innocent times in surprisingly innocent ways that make diligent auto drivers wary. Truck wrecks also cause a disproportionately high rate of fatalities.

  • 47% of two-vehicle fatalities involved one large truck and another type vehicle that were both driving straight down the road.
  • In only 10% of truck accidents was the truck negotiating a turn.
  • In another 10% of two-vehicle truck accidents, the non-truck was turning.
  • In 7% of two-vehicle truck wrecks, one of the vehicles was parked in traffic.
  • 64% of fatal truck wrecks happened in rural areas.
  • 73% occurred during daylight hours and 79% of fatal truck accidents occurred on weekdays.

The bottom line is that while highways are filled with large trucks at night, the majority of accidents happen during daylight hours in rural areas. Wherever you are, an oncoming truck poses risk.

Most Common Truck Wreck Injuries

The Fort Worth personal injury law firm of Stoy Law Group, PLLC has successfully represented many victims of truck wrecks in Texas. In addition to injured drivers and passengers, the firm also represents pedestrians and cyclists who have been directly or indirectly involved in trucks crashes.

The most common truck wreck injuries are:

Back and Neck Injuries – These injuries can range from relatively minor neck pain to more serious injuries like dislocated discs. A real risk of these injuries is that the depth of the injury can take days or weeks to become apparent and then require long periods of expensive care to recover.

Broken Bones – Whether a driver or a passenger in the truck, or another type of vehicle, broken bones occur in most trucks wrecks.

Head Injuries – Head injuries are among the most serious type of truck wreck injuries because they can affect the brain and be life-altering. Again, the full impact of a head injury can take weeks to uncover. Confusion, nausea and vision difficulties are just a few of the troubling symptoms of what can become a catastrophic head injury.

Internal Injuries – Internal bleeding from a truck wreck can lead to internal bleeding from organs like the bladder, kidneys, liver, spleen or pancreas. This is another reason why victims should not rush to declare they are uninjured. Be safe and have a complete physical after a truck wreck.

Rib and Torso – Rib and torso injuries should never be taken lightly. The rib cage protects many of the body’s organs so these rib and torso wounds can lead to even more painful and serious injuries.

Seat Belt Injuries – All drivers and passengers should wear seatbelts but whiplash is a fairly common injury of every auto accident including truck wrecks.

Spinal Cord – Truck accident victims often suffer spinal cord injuries that can lead to paralysis. Spinal cord injuries are common in truck wrecks and are among the most imposing injury types.

Wrongful Death – Truck accident injuries do not get any more serious than a wrongful death. A person’s life cannot be replaced and regardless of a successful legal claim, a parent, sibling, child, loved one and/or friend is gone.

Anyone involved in a truck wreck should retain legal representation as soon as possible Do not wait and do not speak with another insurer until you have contacted Stoy Law Group, PLLC, accomplished personal injury attorneys who will take your case seriously.

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