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Texas Transportation Code Chart & Definitions

If you’re involved in an accident or collision involving a vehicle in Texas, chances are you’re going to get (or can ask for) a document listing one or more transportation codes on it.

In this guide, you will learn what these codes are, what they mean, and how they can affect your legal representation.

What Is A Transportation Code, Exactly?

A Texas transportation code is a shorthand way of writing down a specific offense that a person is charged with committing.

These codes usually match the location of the offense under Texas law, which makes it much easier to locate the full legal information if you’re inclined to do so.

Transportation codes are not always unique. Under current Texas transportation code definitions, several similar offenses may share certain codes.

For example, code 545.351 includes failure to control speed, speeding, and unsafe speed.

These are not the same offenses.

For example, it is possible to drive at an unsafe speed without exceeding the posted limits. If there’s a sudden snowstorm and all the roads are dangerously icy, driving at even half of the speed limit could be an unsafe speed, and therefore a citable offense.

Offenses that have the same code on the Texas transportation code traffic violations list typically have the same punishments, though full reports usually include further details about the alleged incident.

How Can I Find Out What Codes Are Involved In An Incident?

You may not be the only one involved in an incident, and at times like these, knowing what codes are involved with the whole incident can be an important part of a defense strategy.

Texas traffic statutes expect you to meet one of the following criteria for requesting a CR-3 accident report:

  • You are someone directly involved in the incident, such as a driver or a passenger. In this context, “involved†typically means “you were in one of the vehicles.†You are usually not considered involved in this way if, for example, you pull over to the side of the road after seeing a collision and rush over to see if anyone needs medical attention.
  • You are an authorized representative of someone who was involved in the incident. This usually refers to lawyers like our team here at Stoy Law Group, but authorized representatives could include other types of help, such as the executor of an estate if someone perished in the collision.
  • You are the parent, legal guardian, or employer of someone involved in the collision.
  • You are financially responsible for one of the vehicles. This mainly includes vehicle owners and policyholders. For example, if someone steals your car and crashes it into another vehicle, you are completely entitled to a copy of the accident report even though you were not directly involved.

Under current law, you can receive a collision report up to ten years after the incident.

However, you’ll need to send in a request for it through the mail or the internet, and in most cases, pay a small fee for processing it.

What Else Should I Know About Vehicle Codes?

The Texas motor vehicle codes list is long.

After all, its purpose is to collect as many violations as the law describes so police officers and similar individuals can quickly record relevant information in time-sensitive situations.

You can read the entire list below if you want, but in most cases, it’s better to do a search on this list and jump straight to any code violation officers are charging you with.

Also, you may need to use them yourself. Or, if you hire us, we may need to help you use them when filling out a crash report.

Proper use of vehicle codes can help simplify reports and make it easier for the police or other personnel to follow up on them.

How Do Codes Impact My Legal Defense?

The Texas traffic violations list is a fundamental part of most legal defense strategies for transportation violations.

Put simply, it’s hard to mount a defense until you know what they’re charging you with.

Fortunately, we know how to get all of the relevant codes under Texas traffic laws and provide Texas transportation code definitions and how to use them as part of a comprehensive defense strategy.

We can also help determine whether or not the codes cited in a particular incident are correct. If people used the wrong codes to describe the incident, we might be able to get all of the charges dismissed. Failing that, we may be able to lower the severity of the charges, and therefore the punishments you face.

What Are The Main Categories Of Vehicle Codes?

Having a single unbroken list of offenses would be hard to use, so most people use a variant where the codes are grouped into distinct categories.

This is not an aspect of the law, just an organizational principle.

Here are some of the more common categories you’ll see on our list of Texas transportation code definitions below:

  • Bicycle Offenses: These are offenses committed by bicycle riders, such as failing to stay on the right side of the roadway or failing to have a reflector or light at night.
  • Driver License Violations: This category covers issues like driving without a proper license or knowingly hiring unauthorized drivers.
  • Drivers – Miscellaneous Violation: The miscellaneous violation category includes the most common offenses people think of, such as possessing an alcoholic beverage or assault with a motor vehicle.
  • DWI: This category covers all parts of driving while intoxicated. This is usually, but not exclusively, alcoholic offenses.
  • Miscellaneous Violations: This is another broad category that includes many potential offenses that don’t fit into other categories, such as permit violations or permitting livestock to roam across roads.
  • Motor Carrier Law: This section is less about driving and more about registration procedures.
  • Motorcycle Violations: Motorcycles have many specific violations, ranging from carrying a passenger without appropriate headgear to operating it while too young.
  • Vehicle – Miscellaneous: Not to be confused with generic miscellaneous violations, vehicle violations include everything from defective exhaust emission systems to no seat belts. If it’s something that could be wrong with your vehicle, it’s probably in this category.
  • Violations Against Pedestrians: Violations against pedestrians include things like failing to yield the right of way or failing to use due care for pedestrians.

Fortunately, you’re not alone.

Whether officers are charging you with traffic violations or you want to know more about an incident, the attorneys at Stoy Law Group are ready to answer your questions and help you with any aspect of Texas traffic laws, including the paperwork.

Contact us today at 817.820.0100 for more information.

For your convenience, the full list of traffic codes is included below*.

*While we’re pretty sure the list is complete and accurate as of the time we added it to this page, laws change over time, and we cannot guarantee this list is up to date. Ask a lawyer whether specific codes are still accurate before basing any legal defense on them.

Texas Transportation Chart

Bicycle Offenses

Fail to keep bicycle on right side of roadway   551.103(a) Failure to Keep Bicycle on Right Side of Roadway
Fail to ride in one lane when riding side by side 551.103(c) Failure to Ride in Single Lane When Riding Two Abreast  
No reflector or light on the back of a bicycle or moped at night   551.104(b) No Red Reflector or Red Light of Defective Reflector or Red Light on Rear of Bicycle or Moped – Nighttime
No light on the front of a bicycle or moped at night 551.104(b) No White Light of Defective Light on Front of Bicycle of Moped – Nighttime

Driver License Violations

Driving while license is suspended / invalid   521.457 Driving in Violation of Suspension (Driving While License Suspended) – S/R   Driving While License Invalid (Driving While License Suspended) – D/L  
Employ unlicensed driver   521.459(b) Employed Unlicensed Driver  
Employ unauthorized school bus driver   521.022 Employed Unauthorized School Bus Driver
Expired driver’s license   521.021; 521.026   Expired Driver’s License
Fail to display occupational license   521.253 Fail to Display Court Order (Occupational License)
Fail to display driver’s license   521.025 Fail to Display DL
Wrong driver’s license for type of vehicle   521.085; 521.122   Improper Driver’s License for Type Vehicle (specify)
Unlicensed driver   521.021 No Driver’s License (when unlicensed)
No motorcycle license   521.224; 521.225 No Motor-Assisted Bicycle Operator’s License (Class M License)  
Refuse to surrender driver’s license   521.315; 521.451(4) Refuse to Surrender; Return Driver License – Suspended, Revoked, Cancelled, Disqualified    
Rent motor vehicle to unlicensed person   521.460 Rent Motor Vehicle to Unlicensed Person
Restrictions with motor vehicle under 18   545.424 < 18: Operate Motor Vehicle with Restrictions: Including Wireless Communications Device  
Illegal driver’s license   521.455 Use of Illegal DL or ID Certificate
Violate driver’s license restriction   521.221(c) Violate DL Restriction
Violate occupational license restriction   521.253 Violate DL Restriction on Occupational License

Drivers – Miscellaneous Violation

Aggravated assault with motor vehicle   PC§ 22.02 Aggravated Assault with Motor Vehicle
Possession of alcoholic beverage in motor vehicle   PC§ 49.031 Alcoholic Beverage: Possession on in Motor Vehicle
Allow dangerous driver to borrow vehicle   705.001 Allow Dangerous Driver to Borrow Vehicle
Assault with motor vehicle   PC§ 22.01 Assault with Motor Vehicle
Backed up without safety or to interfere with traffic   545.415(a) Backed to Interfere or Without Safety
Backed up on a shoulder or roadway of a highway   545.415(b) Backed Upon Shoulder or Roadway of Controlled Access Highway
Bus failed to stop at RR crossing   545.253 Bus Failed to Stop at RR Crossing
Criminally negligent homicide with motor vehicle   PC§ 19.05 Criminally Negligent Homicide with Motor Vehicle
Ignore police officer   542.501(1) Disregard Police Officer
Ignore school crossing guard   542.501(2) Disregard School Crossing Guard
Cannot drive on a controlled-access roadway except at an entrance or exit established by public authority   545.064 Drive on Controlled Access Highway
Drive on improved shoulder   545.058 Drive on Improved Shoulder
Drive on streetcar tracks where prohibited   545.203 Drive on or Across Streetcar Tracks Where Prohibited
Driver opened door in lane of moving traffic   545.418 Driver Opened Door (or leave door open) in Moving Lane of Traffic  
Driving on sidewalk   545.422 Drive on Sidewalk
Drive without a safety belt on   545.413(a) Drove Without Being Secured by Safety Belt
Drove without lights when required   547.302(a) Drove Without Lights – When Required
Failed to dim headlights when following   547.333(c)(2) Failed to Dim Headlights – Following  
Failed to dim headlights when meeting   547.333(c)(1) Failed to Dim Headlights – Meeting
Failed to give way when being passed   545.053(b) Failed to Give Way When Overtaken
Failed to give way when being passed by a streetcar   545.203(a) Failed to Give Way When Overtaken by Streetcar
Failed to keep right on a mountain road 545.405 Failed to Keep Right on Mountain Road
Failed to keep financial responsibility   601.191 Failed to Maintain Financial Responsibility
Failed to stop when coming from an alley, driveway, or building   545.256 Failed to Stop – Emerging from Alley, Driveway, or Building (specify)
Failed to stop for approaching train   545.251(3)(4) Failed to Stop for Approaching Train – Whistled or Hazardous Proximity  
Failed to use designated lane for going slow or for a direction   545.060(c) Failed to Use Designated Lane (Slow or Direction)  
Failed to use correct headlight beams   547.333(c) Failed to Use Proper Headlight Beam
Refusing to stop when a police officer is trying to get them to stop   545.421 Fleeing from Police Officer
Improper auxiliary driving lamps   547.330 Improper Use of Auxiliary Driving Lamps
Improper auxiliary passing lamps   547.329 Improper Use of Auxiliary Passing Lamps
Improper use of fog lamps   547.328 Improper Use of For Lamps
Improper use of spot lamps   547.328 Improper Use of Spot Lamps
Increased speed while being passed   545.053(b) Increased Speed While Being Overtaken
Involuntary manslaughter with motor vehicle, airplane, helicopter, or boat (DWI)   PC§ 49.08 Involuntary Manslaughter with Motor Vehicle, Airplane, Helicopter, or Boat (DWI)
Involuntary manslaughter with motor vehicle (not DWI)   PC§ 19.04 Involuntary Manslaughter with Motor Vehicle (not DWI)
More than four driving lamps lit up   547.302(d) More Than Four Driving Lamps Lighted
No white flag on tow chain or cable   545.409(b) No White Flag on Tow Chain or Cable  
Person <18 operating motor vehicle   545.424 Operate Motor Vehicle by Person <18  
Parked with headlights not dimmed   547.383(d) Parked with Head Lamps Not Dimmed
Parked without lights   547.383(b) Parked without Lights
Passengers or load obstructing driver’s view or control   545.417 Passengers (exceeding 3) or Load Obstructed Driver’s View or Control
Prohibited motor vehicle on controlled access highway   545.065 Prohibited Motor Vehicle on Controlled Access Highway  
Reckless driving   545.401 Reckless Driving
Child younger than 17 not wearing seat belt   545.413(b)(2) Safety Belt, Child, required to be Secured by: < 17 and Not Required to be Secured Under 545.412(a)
Drove without being secured by seat belt   545.413(a) Safety Belt, Drove Without Being Secured by
Child < 5 and less than 36 inches not secured by safety seat   545.412(a) Safety Seat, Child Passenger, Child <Five and Less than 36 inches in Height Not Secured by
Unauthorized school bus driver 521.022   School Bus Driver, Unauthorized
Slower vehicle failed to keep right   545.051(b) Slower Vehicle Failed to Keep Right  
Too many auxiliary driving lamps   547.330 Too Many Auxiliary Driving Lamps  
Too many auxiliary passing lamps   547.329 Too Many Auxiliary Passing Lamps
Too many fog lamps   547.328 Too Many Fog Lamps
Too many spot lamps 547.327   Too Many Spot Lamps
Interfere or impede with a streetcar when turning   545.203(c) Turn to Impede or Interfere with Streetcar
Vehicle registration suspended   601.371 Vehicle Registration Suspended: Permit Vehicle to be Operated  
Violate driver’s license restriction   521.221   Violate DL Restriction (specify)
Warning devices not displayed   547.503 – 547.507 Warning Devices Not Displayed (flags, flares, fuses, reflectors)  
Wireless communication device restriction by person <18 operating motor vehicle   545.424(a)(3) Wireless Communication Device Use Restriction: Operate Motor Vehicle by Person < 18 with Restrictions
Wireless communication device restriction by person <17 operating motorcycle or moped   545.424(b)(2) Wireless Communications Device Use Restriction: Operate Motorcycle or Moped by Person < 17 with Restrictions    
Wireless communication device restriction when operating passenger bus with minor passengers   545.425 Wireless Communication Device Use Restriction: Operating Passenger Bus w/ Minor Passengers


1st Offense   PC§ 49.04(b) 1st Offense
2nd Offense   PC§ 49.09(a) 2nd Offense
3rd or subsequent offense   PC§ 49.09(b) 3rd or Subsequent Offense
Intoxication assault (serious bodily injury)   PC§ 49.07 Intoxication Assault (Serious Bodily Injury)  
Intoxication manslaughter (involuntary) PC§ 49.08   Intoxication Manslaughter (Involuntary Manslaughter – DWI)  
Open container PC§§ 49.031; 49.04(c)   Open Container


Following too closely   545.062(a) Following Too Closely
Following too closely – caravan   545.062(c) Following Too Closely – Caravan
Following too closely – truck   545.062(b) Following Too Closely – Truck (or combination)


Driving around barricades   472.022(a)(2) Barricades: Driving Around
Flashing light or sign within 1,000 feet of intersection   544.006(c) Flashing Light or Sign within 1,000 Feet of Intersection
Tempering with barricades   472.022 Obeying Warning Signs and Tampering with Barricades  

Miscellaneous Violations

Failed to remove injurious material from highway    600.001 Fail to Remove Injurious Material from Highway
Failed to have child secured in safety seat   545.412 Fail to Secure Child in Safety Seat System
Owner permit violation   542.302 Owner (parent or guardian) Permit Violation (hazardous and not hazardous)  
Passenger interfered with driver’s view or control   545.206; 545.417(b) Passenger Interfered with Driver’s View or Control
Permit livestock to roam   AGC§143.108 Permit Livestock to Roam    
Parent or guardian permits unlicensed minor to drive   521.453(a) Permit Unlicensed Minor to Drive (parent or guardian)
All except parent or guardian permit unlicensed person to drive   521.458(b) Permit Unlicensed Person to Drive (all except parent or guardian)
Person other than driver opened door in moving lane of traffic   545.418 Person (other than driver) Opened Door to Leave Door Open in Moving Lane of Traffic    
Rent motor vehicle to unlicensed person   521.460 Rent Motor Vehicle to Unlicensed Person
Passenger not secured by safety belt (when required)   545.413(a) Ride – Not Secured by Safety Belt (when required)
Throwing injurious substance on highway   HSC§365.014 Throwing Injurious Substance on Highway
Transporting loose material: covered and secured   725.021(e) Transport Loose Material, Aggregates: Covered and Secured
Transport unmarked special mobile equipment   622.073 Transport Unmarked Special Mobile Equipment (undocumented)
Wrecker driver failed to remove glass from highway   600.001 Wrecker Driver Failed to Remove Glass (etc.) From Highway

Motor Carrier Law

Fail to register vehicle   645.004 Failure to Register Vehicle
Inspection of vehicle   644.151 Inspection of Premises (Vehicle)
Violate motor carrier registration   643.253 Violate Motor Carrier Registration
Violate motor carrier regulations   643.252 Violate Motor Carrier Regulations
Violate motor carrier safety standards 644.001 et seq Violate Motor Carrier Safety Standards  

Motorcycle Violations

Motorcycle passenger without approved headgear   661.003(a)(b) Carry Motorcycle Passenger without Approved Headgear
Operate motorcycle without approved headgear   661.003(a) Operate Motorcycle without Approved Headgear
Person < 17 operate motorcycle/moped with restrictions   545.424 Operate Motorcycle/Moped by Person < 17 with Restrictions: Including Wireless Communications Device  
Too many riders   545.416 Too Many Riders  

Oversize Violations

Illegal load extensions on front or rear   621.206 Illegal Load Extensions (Front or Rear)  
Illegal load extensions to right or left on car 621.201 Illegal Load Extensions to Left or Right on Passenger Car  
No valid permit for manufactured house   623.092 No Valid Permit – MH
Overheight   621.207 Overheight
Overlength combination   621.205(a) Overlength Combination
Overlength single trainer with truck tractor   621.205(a) Overlength – Single Trailer Operated with Truck Tractor
Overlength win trailers with truck tractor   621.205(a) Overlength—Twin Trailers Operated with Truck Tractor
Overlength single vehicle   621.205(b) Overlength Vehicle (single)
Overwidth over 96†  621.201(b) Overwidth (over 96â€)
Overwidth over 102†  621.201(a) Overwidth (over 102â€)
Pull more than 1 trailer or vehicle when not authorized to do so   545.409 Pull More Than One Trailer or Other Vehicle (when not authorized to do so)
Pull more than 2 trailers or vehicles   621.206 Pull More Than Two Trailers or Vehicles
Victoria County navigation district: overweight permits   623.230 Victoria County Navigation District: Overweight Permits


Cutting in   545.060 Cutting In  
Cut in after passing   545.053 Cut in After Passing  
Failed to pass to left safely   545.053 Failed to Pass to Left Safely
Failed to pass to right safely   545.057 Failed to Pass to Right Safely
Failed to stop or remain stopped for school bus   545.066 Failed to Stop or Remain Stopped for School Bus (specify)
Failed to stop for streetcar or stop at wrong location   545.202 Failed to Stop for Streetcar or Stop at Wrong Location
Illegal pass on right   545.057 Illegal Pass on Right
Passed with insufficient clearance 545.054   Passed – Insufficient Clearance  
Passed streetcar on left   545.201(a) Passed Streetcar on Left (in motion or stopped)  
Passed streetcar on left without reducing speed or without caution   545.201(b) Passed Streetcar on Left without Reducing Speed or Without Caution
Passed vehicle that was stopped for pedestrian   552.003(c) Passed Vehicle Stopped for Pedestrian

Parking Violations

Park, stand or stop in prohibited area   545.303(d) Park, Stand or Stop in Prohibited Area (signs by Highway Department)  
Parked and failed to set brakes 545.404 Parked and Failed to Set Brakes  
Parked at angle where not prohibited   545.303(c) Parked at Angle (where not prohibited)
Parked facing traffic   545.303(b) Parked Facing Traffic
Parked in prohibited area   545.302(c)(2) Parked in Prohibited Area
Parked with wheels too far from curb or too close to edge of roadway   545.303(a); 545.303(b) Parked with Wheels (left or right) over 18†From Curb or Edge of Roadway
Parking unlawfully   545.304 Parking Unlawfully, Unauthorized
Pulling away with an unsafe start from parked position   545.402 Pulling Away – Unsafe Start from Parked Position (stopped or standing)
Stand or park in front of driveway   545.302(b)(1) Stand or Park in Front of Public or Private Driveway    
Stand in prohibited area   545.302(b)(6) Stand or Park in Prohibited Area (standing)
Stand or park within 30ft of traffic control device   545.302(b)(4) Stand or Park within 30 Feet of Traffic Control Device
Stop, stand or park alongside or opposite of street excavation or obstruction   545.302(a)(6) Stop, Stand or Park Alongside or Opposite Street Excavation or Obstruction
Stop, stand or park between safety zone and curb   545.302(a)(5) Stop, Stand or Park Between Safety Zone and Curb    
Stop, stand or park – double   545.302(a)(1) Stop, Stand or Park – Double
Stop in prohibited area   545.302(a)(9) Stop, Stand or Park in Prohibited Area (stopping)  
Stop, stand or park on crosswalk   545.302(a)(4) Stop, Stand or Park on Crosswalk
Stop, stand or park on sidewalk   545.302(a)(2) Stop, Stand or Park on Sidewalk
Stop, stand or travel on main traveled way   545.301 Stop, Stand or Park on Main Traveled Way (outside of business or residence district)  
Stop, stand or park on railroad track 545.302(a)(8)   Stop, Stand or Park on Railroad Track    
Stop, stand or park on bridge or in tunnel   545.302(a)(7) Stop, Stand or Park Upon Bridge or in Tunnel
Stop, stand or park in intersection   545.302(a)(3) Stop, Stand or Park Within an Intersection

Pedestrians – Miscellaneous

Crossed at intersections where prohibited   552.005(b) Crossed Between Intersections Where Prohibited
Entering path of vehicle   552.003(b) Pedestrian Entering Path of Vehicle
Failed to yield ROW to vehicle when an overhead crossing or tunnel is provided   552.005(a)(2) Pedestrian Failed to Yield ROW to Vehicle (when overhead crossing or tunnel provided)
Failed to yield ROW to vehicle not at crosswalk   552.005(a)(1) Pedestrian Failed to Yield ROW to Vehicle not at Crosswalk
Pedestrian on prohibited roadway   545.065 Pedestrian on Prohibited Roadway
Public intoxication – pedestrian   PC§49.02 Public Intoxication – Pedestrian (pedestrian on or adjacent to public highway)  
Stood on roadway to solicit ride, contributions, employment, or business   552.007(a) Stood on Roadway to Solicit Ride, Contributions, Employment, or Business (specify)
Stood on or near street or highway to solicit guarding vehicle   552.007(b) Stood on or Near Street or Highway to Solicit Guarding Vehicle
Use left half of crosswalk   552.004 Use Left Half of Crosswalk
Walked on highway with traffic   552.006(b) Walked on Highway with Traffic (no sidewalks)
Walked on roadway where sidewalks are provided   552.006(a) Walked on Roadway Where Sidewalks Provided

Registration and Title Violations

No license plates   502.404 Operate Motor Vehicle Without License Plates (or with one plate)  
Unregistered all-terrain vehicle   502.406 Operate Unregistered All-Terrain Vehicle
Unregistered motor vehicle   502.402 Operate Unregistered Motor Vehicle
Unregistered tow truck   502.402 Operate Unregistered Tow Truck
License for other class vehicle   502.403 Operate with License for Other Class Vehicle  

Right of Way

Failed to yield at stop intersection   545.151(a); 545.153   Failed to Yield at Stop Intersection
Failed to yield at yield intersection   545.151(a); 545.153(c)   Failed to Yield at Yield Intersection
Failed to yield ROW – alley, private drive, building   545.155; 545.256 Failed to Yield ROW – Alley, Private Drive, Building
Failed to yield ROW at open intersection 545.151 Failed to Yield ROW – at Open Intersection (specify type)  
Failed to yield ROW when changing lanes   545.061 Failed to Yield ROW – Changing Lanes
Failed to yield ROW on left at obstruction   545.051(a)(2) Failed to Yield ROW – on Left at Obstruction
Failed to yield ROW on green arrow signal   544.007(c); 552.001(b)   Failed to Yield ROW on Green Arrow Signal
Failed to yield ROW on green signal   544.007(b); 552.001(b)   Failed to Yield ROW on Green Signal
Failed to yield ROW to emergency vehicle   545.156; 545.204   Failed to Yield ROW to Emergency Vehicle
Failed to yield ROW turning left   545.152 Failed to Yield ROW Turing Left at Intersection, Alley, Private Road or Driveway  
Failed to yield ROW when turning on red signal 544.007(d) Failed to Yield ROW – Turning on Red Signal    
Passed stationary emergency vehicle   545.157 Passed Stationary Emergency Vehicle  

Signal Intention

Failed to signal for stop   545.105 Failed to Signal for Stop
Failed to signal lane change   545.104 Failed to Signal Lane Change
Failed to signal the required distance before turning   545.104 Failed to Signal Required Distance Before Turning
Failed to signal start from parking position   545.104 Failed to Signal Start from Parked Position
Failed to signal turn   545.103; 545.104   Failed to Signal Turn (including moving right or left)  
Failed to signal with turn indicator   545.106(b) Failed to Signal with Turn Indicator
Failed to sound horn on a mountain road   545.405 Failed to Sound Horn – Mountain Road
Improper turn or stop signal   545.106; 545.107 Improper Turn or Stop Signal    
Improper use of turn indicator   545.104 Improper Use of Turn Indicator
School bus driver did not activate all flashing warning lights   547.701 School Bus Driver Failed to Activate All Flashing Warning Signal Lights (or other equipment)


Fail to control speed   545.351 Fail to Control Speed
Impeding traffic   545.363 Impeding Traffic
Oversize and overweight vehicle permits the vehicle to go the speed limit or 55mph, whichever is less   623.257       Oversize/overweight Vehicle Permit – Chambers Co.: speed limit
Port authority permitted vehicle   623.217 Port Authority Permitted Vehicle
Drag racing – acceleration contest   545.420 Racing – Drag Racing – Acceleration Contest  
Drag racing – driver’s license suspension   521.350 Racing – Drag Racing: DL Suspension
Speed under minimum   545.363 Speed Under Minimum
Speeding   545.351; 545.352   Speeding (exceed prima facie limit at time and place for that type vehicle)
Speeding – beach area   545.352(b)(5) Speeding – Beach Area
Speeding – mobile home   623.102 Speeding – Mobile Home
Speeding – motor driven cycle   545.361 Speeding – Motor Driven Cycle (over 35)
Speeding – zoned   545.353 – 545.360   Speeding – Zoned
Speeding – zoned (inclement weather, signs posted)   545.353 Speeding – Zoned (inclement weather, signs posted)
Speeding – 10mph max for solid tire   545.361 Speeding – 10 mph Maximum for Solid Tire
Unsafe speed   545.351 Unsafe Speed

Tow Trucks

Failed to register vehicle correctly 643.253 Failure to Register Vehicle Correctly  

Traffic Signals – Pedestrians

Disregard green turn arrow signal   552.001(b) Disregarded Green Turn Signal Arrow
Disregard pedestrian control signal   552.002 Disregarded Pedestrian Control Signal
Disregard red signal at traffic light   552.001(c) Disregarded Red Signal (Traffic Light)
Disregard yellow signal at traffic light   552.001(c) Disregarded Yellow Signal (Traffic Light)

Traffic Signs, Signals, and Road Markings

Unsafe lane change   54.060 Changed Lane When Unsafe
Disregard flashing red signal (at stop sign, etc.) 544.008     Disregarded Flashing Red Signal (at stop sign, etc.)
Disregard flashing yellow signal   544.008 Disregarded Flashing Yellow Signal
Disregard lane control signal   544.009 Disregarded Lane Control Signal
Disregard no lane change device 545.060   Disregarded No Lane Change Device  
Disregard no passing zone   545.055 Disregarded No Passing Zone
Disregard official traffic control device     544.004 Disregarded Official Traffic Control Device
Disregard RR crossing gate or flagman   545.251 Disregarded RR Crossing Gate or Flagman
Disregard red light at traffic signal   544.007(d) Disregarded Red Light (traffic signal)
Disregard signal at RR crossing   545.251 Disregard Signal at RR Crossing
Disregard stop sign   545.151 Disregarded Stop Sign
Disregard warning signs or barricades   472.022 Disregarded Warning Signs or Barricades
Drive through safety zone   545.403 Drove Through Safety Zone
Failed to drive in 1 lane   545.060 Failed to Drive in Single Lane
Failed to stop in correct spot at stop sign   544.010     Failed to Stop at Designated Point at Stop Sign
Failed to stop in correct spot at yield sign   544.010 Failed to Stop at Designated Point at Stop Sign
Failed to stop at marked RR crossing   545.252 Railed to Stop at Marked RR Crossing
Failed to stop at correct spot at traffic light   544.007(d) Failed to Stop at Proper Place at Traffic Light
Failed to stop at correct spot for flashing red signal   544.008 Failed to Stop at Proper Place – Flashing Red Signal
Failed to stop at correct spot not at an intersection   544.007(g) Failed to Stop at Proper Place – Not at Intersection
Heavy equipment disregarded signal of approaching train   545.255 Heavy Equipment Disregarded Signal of Approaching Train (automatic signal, crossing gates, or flagman)  
Lack of caution on green arrow signal   544.007(c)   Lack of Caution on Green Arrow Signal

Traffic Violations – Miscellaneous

Failed to comply with requirements on striking fixtures on highway   550.025 Failed to Comply with Requirements on Striking Fixtures or Landscaping on Highway
Failed to comply with requirements on striking unattended vehicle   550.024 Failed to Comply with Requirements on Stroking Unattended Vehicle
Failure to cover load to prevent spilling   725.021 Fail to Cover Load to Prevent Spillage
Fail to remove drivable vehicle after accident on freeway   550.022(c-1) Failure to Remove Drivable Vehicle After Accident on Freeway in Metropolitan Area
Compensation for unlawful movement of a mobile home   623.105 Mobile Home: Compensation for Unlawful Movement
Modified motor vehicle   727.001 Modified or Weighted Motor Vehicle
No escort vehicle with a mobile home   623.099 No Escort Vehicle – Mobile Home
Mobile home with no liability insurance as required   623.103 No Liability Insurance as Required – Mobile Home
Mobile home with no red flags when being escorted   623.099 No Red Flags – Escort – Mobile Home
No wide load signs on mobile home   623.099 No Wide Load Signs – Mobile Home
Blocking railroad crossway   471.007 Obstructing Railway Crossing
Overcrowded school bus   750.001 Overcrowded School Bus
School bus driver fail to activate all flashing warning lights   547.701 School Bus Driver Fail to Activate All Flashing Warning Signal Lights
Wrong use of school bus signal   547.701 Wrong Use of School Bus Signal    

Turning Movements

Cutting across driveway to make a turn   545.423 Cut Across Driveway (sidewalk, parking lot, business or residential entrance) to Make Turn  
Cut corner left turn   545.101 Cut Corner Left Turn
Disregard turn marks at intersection   545.101 Disregarded Turn Marks at Intersection
Make a U-turn at curve or hill   545.102 Make U-Turn on Curve or Hill
Turn across dividing section   545.063 Turn Across Dividing Section
Turn from wrong lane   545.101 Turn from Wrong Lane
Turned when unsafe   545.103 Turned When Unsafe

Vehicle – Brakes

Brakes improperly adjusted   547.402 Brakes Improperly Adjusted
Brakes not in good working order   547.402 Brakes Not Maintained in Good Working Order
Brakes not on all wheels when required   547.401 Brakes Not on All Wheels (when required)
Brakes not on all wheels – motorcycle   547.802 Brakes Not on All Wheels – Motorcycle
Defective air brake reservoir   547.406 Defective Air-Brake Reservoir
Defective or no automatic brake application on trailer   547.405 Defective (or no) Automatic Brake Application on Breakaway Trailer, Semi-trailer and Pole Trailer
Defective brakes on a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle   547.408 Defective Brakes – Motorcycle or Motor-Driven Cycle
Defective brakes or no brakes on motor vehicle   547.401 Defective Brakes (or no brakes) on Motor Vehicle, (trailer, semi-trailer, pole trailer, or combination of vehicles, specify)  
Inadequate air brakes reservoir   547.406(a) Inadequate Air Brake Reservoir
Inadequate reservoir safeguard   547.406(c) Inadequate Reservoir Safeguard (air or vacuum brakes, specify)  
Inadequate vacuum brake reservoir   547.406(b) Inadequate Vacuum Brake Reservoir
No automatic brake application on breakaway   547.405 No Automatic Brake Application on Breakaway (trailers, semi-trailers and pole trailers)
No or defective parking brakes   547.404 No Parking Brakes (or defective parking brakes)
No single control to operate all brakes   547.402; 547.403 No Single Control to Operate All Brakes    
No 2 means of emergency brake operation   547.405(a) No Two Means of Emergency Brake Operation (air brakes or vacuum brakes)
No warning devices on brakes   547.407(a) No Warning Devices on Brakes (other than gauges when vehicle equipped with both air and vacuum brakes)  
No warning signal or defective warning signal for air brakes or vacuum brakes   547.407 No Warning Signal (other than pressure gauge) or Defective Warning Signal for Air Brakes or Vacuum Brakes  

Vehicle Lights, Signal Lamps, and Reflections

Clearance improperly mounted     547.354 Clearance (or Side Markers) Improperly Mounted
Defective head lamps   547.321; 547.302   Defective Head Lamp(s)
Defective head lamp on motorcycle   547.801 Defective Head Lamp on Motorcycle (or motor-driven cycle)  
Defective parking lamps   547.383 Defective Parking Lamp(s)
Defective stop lamps   547.323 Defective Stop Lamp(s)
Defective tail lamps   547.322 Defective Tail Lamp(s)
Defective turn signal lamp   547.324 Defective Turn Signal Lamp(s)
Federal standard compliance   547.3215 Federal Standard Compliance
Public transportation hazard lamps   547.7011 Hazard Lamps, Public Transportation
Head lamp wrong spot on motorcycle   547.801 Head Lamp Improperly Located on Motorcycle
Improper flashing lights   547.702(c) Improper Flashing Lights
Improper headlamp on motor-driven cycle   547.810 Improper Headlamp on Motor-Driven Cycle
Improper use of back up lights   547.332 Improper Use of Back-up Lamps
Improperly mounted or no rotating caution light on a manufactured house or the towing vehicle   623.098 Improperly Mounted Rotating Beacon – MH or Towing Vehicle
No high beam lights   547.333 No Beam Indicator
No clearance lights   547.352 No Clearance Lamp(s) (identification of side marker(s) on (specify) type of vehicle and location of vehicle)  
No electric turn signal lights   547.324 No Electric Turn Signal Lamps
No headlights on motorcycle or motor driven cycle   547.801 No Head Lamp(s) on Motorcycle or Motor-driven Cycle, (when not equipped)
No headlights   547.321 No Head Lamp(s) (when not equipped)
No lights or reflectors on farm or other equipment   547.371 No Lamp(s) or Reflector(s) on Farm or Other Equipment (head lamps, tail lamps, etc.)
No license plate light on motorcycle   547.801 No License Plate Lamp on Motorcycle (or motor-driven cycle)    
No license plate light   547.322 No License Plate Light
No lights on the front or rear of an animal-drawn vehicle   547.326 No Light(s) (front, rear) on Animal-Drawn Vehicle (or other vehicles when applicable)
No multiple beam road lighting equipment   547.333 No Multiple-Beam Lighting Equipment
No multiple beam road lighting equipment on a motorcycle   547.801 No Multiple-Beam Road Lighting Equipment (or defective) on Motorcycle
No parking lights   546.383 No Parking Lamps
No parking lights on manufactured house   623.102 No Parking Lamps – MH
No reflectors on rear   547.325 No Reflector(s) on Rear
No reflectors on rear of motorcycle   547.801 No Reflector(s) on Rear of Motorcycle (or motor-driven cycle)  
No reflectors on side   547.352 No Reflector(s) on Side – at or Near Front, Rear, Central (specify)  
No stop lights   547.323 No Stop Lamps
No stop lamps on manufactured house   623.102 No Stop Lamps – MH  
No stop lights on motorcycle   547.801 No Stop Lamps on Motorcycle (or motor-driven cycle)  
No tail light on motorcycle   547.801 No Tail Lamp on Motorcycle (or motor-driven vehicle)  
No tail lights   547.322 No Tail Lamps (when not equipped)
No turn signal lights when required   545.106 No Turn Signal Lamps – When Required (vehicle not equipped)  
No turn signal lights manufactured house   623.102 No Turn Signal Lamps – L/R – MH
Red lights in front   547.305 Red Lights on Front
Reflectors, clearance lights, identification lights, distance side marker lights not visible from sufficient distance   545.419 Reflectors, Clearance Lights, Identification Lamps, Distance Side Marker Lamps – Not Visible Sufficient Distance (front, side, or rear)
Reflectors mounted incorrectly on rear   547.325 Reflectors Improperly Mounted – Rear (too high, too low, etc.)  
Reflectors mounted incorrectly on side 546.354 Reflectors Improperly Mounted – Side (too high, too low, etc.)  
Tail light incorrectly located on motorcycle   547.801 Tail Lamp Improperly Located on Motorcycle (or motor-driven cycle)
Tail light incorrectly located   547.322 Tail Lamp(s) Improperly Located (too high, too low, etc.)  
Unauthorized use of flashing red, blue or white lights   547.305 Unauthorized Use of Flashing Red, White, or Blue Lights
Wrong color of clearance lights, side marker lights, identification lights, side reflectors   547.353 Wrong Color Clearance Lamps, Side Marker Lamps, Identification Lamps, Side Reflectors
Wrong color of stop light, license plate light, back up light, signal device   547.303; 547.322(d), (f); 547.332 Wrong Color Stop Light, License Plate Light, Back-up Lamp, Signal Device    

Vehicle – Miscellaneous

Unauthorized sunscreening device   547.613(a)(2) Affix Unauthorized Sunscreening Device to Motor Vehicle  
Allowed vehicle in violation of uniform act being moved or driven   547.004 Allowed Vehicle Equipped in Violation of Uniform Act to be Moved or Driven  
Allowed vehicle in unsafe condition being moved or driven so as to endanger any person   547.004 Allowed Vehicle in Unsafe Condition to be Moved or Driven (so as to endanger any person)
Allowed vehicle not with required equipment being moved or driven   547.004 Allowed Vehicle Not Equipped with Required Equipment to be Moved or Driven  
Defective exhaust emission system   547.605 Defective Exhaust Emission System (equipped but not in good working order)  
Defective safety glazing material   547.608 Defective Safety Glazing Material  
Defective or no windshield wiper   547.603 Defective (no) Windshield Wiper
Drove vehicle in violation of uniform act   547.004 Drove Vehicle Equipped in Violation of Uniform Act
Drove vehicle in unsafe condition so as to endanger any person   547.004 Drove Vehicle in Unsafe Condition (so as to endanger any person)
Drove vehicle no equipped with required equipment   547.004 Drove Vehicle Not Equipped with Required Equipment
Emblem mounted incorrectly   547.703 Emblem Improperly Mounted (too high, too low, etc.)  
Emblem not in clean or reflective condition   547.703 Emblem not in clean (or Reflective) Condition
Fail to comply with regulations when transporting hazardous materials   644.501 Fail to Comply with Regulations – Transporting Hazardous Materials  
Fail to cover load to prevent spillage   725.021 Fail to Cover Load to Prevent Spillage
Improper identifying markings on a commercial vehicle   642.002 Improper Identifying Markings – Commercial Vehicle
Incorrect mud flaps   547.606 Improper Mud Flaps (too short, etc.)  
Incorrect use of emblem   547.005 Improper Use of Emblem
Incorrectly secured tailgate   725.021 Improperly Secured Tailgate
Inadequate bed (sideboards, front or rear panel)   725.021 Inadequate Bed (sideboards, front or rear panel; specify)  
Inadequate or defective bed (escaping loose material)   725.021 Inadequate (or defective) Bed (escaping loose material)
Loose material not removed from non-load carrying parts of loaded vehicle   725.022 Loose Material Not Removed (from non-load carrying parts of loaded vehicle)
Loose material not removed from non-load carrying parts or unloaded vehicle   725.022 Loose Material Not Removed (from non-load carrying parts of unloaded vehicle)
Mirror violation   547.602; 547.701 Mirror Violation (none or improperly located; specify)  
No crankcase emission system   547.605 No Crankcase Emission System
No exhaust emission system (originally equipped but removed)   547.605 No Exhaust Emission System (originally equipped but removed)
No flag on projecting load in daytime   547.382 No flag on Projecting Load (to rear or side; specify) – Daytime  
No front seat belts   547.601 No Front Seat Belts (when required)
No identifying markings on commercial vehicle   642.002 No Identifying Markings – Commercial Vehicle
No lights on projecting load to side or rear at night   547.382 No Lamp(s) or (reflector(s)) on Projecting Load to side or rear at Night
No mud flaps   547.606 No Mud Flaps
No seat belts   547.601 No Safety Belts  
No slow-moving vehicle emblem   547.703 No Slow-Moving Vehicle Emblem (of approved type)  
No windshield wiper   547.603 No Windshield Wiper
Non-motorized vehicle on prohibited roadway   545.065 Non-Motorized Vehicle (specify) on Prohibited Roadway
Obstructed view through windshield   547.613 Obstructed View Through Windshield (side or rear windows)  
Operating vehicle with unapproved sunscreening device   547.613(a)(1) Operating Vehicle with Unapproved Sunscreening Device
Slow moving vehicle emblem not clean   547.703 Slow-Moving Vehicle Emblem Not in Clean (or reflective) Condition  
Television receiver or video equipment incorrectly located   547.611 Television Receiver, Video Equipment Improperly Located (visible to driver)
Vehicle with defective required equipment or in unsafe condition   548.004; 548.104; 548.401; 548.405-548.408; 548.502; 548.603; 548.604   Vehicle with Defective Required Equipment (or in unsafe condition)
Warning devices not installed or defective   547.502; 547.001 Warning Devices Not Installed – or Defective (flares, fuses, electric lanterns, flags)  

Vehicle – Miscellaneous Equipment

Cause or permit display fictitious inspection certificate   548.004; 548.502 Cause of Permit Display Fictitious Inspection Certificate    
Display fictitious inspection certificate   548.004; 548.502   Display Fictitious Inspection Certificate
Display inspection certificate issued for another vehicle   548.004; 548.502 Display Inspection Certificate Issues for Another Vehicle
Display inspection certificate issued without inspection   548.004; 548.502 Display Inspection Certificate Issued Without Inspection
Failed to conceal signs on school bus   EDC § 34.002 Failed to Conceal Signs on School Bus    
Fire extinguisher violation   644.151 Fire Extinguisher Violation – Hazardous Materials (none or improper class, specify)  
Illegal cleats   547.612 Illegal Cleats
Illegal use of metal tires   547.612 Illegal Use of Metal Tires
Incorrect signs on school bus   EDC § 34.002 Improper Signs on School Bus
No fire extinguisher on bus   547.607 No Fire Extinguisher – Bus
No fire extinguisher on school bus     547.607 No Fire Extinguisher – School Bus
No fire extinguisher in taxicab   547.607 No Fire Extinguisher – Taxicab
No signs on school bus in front or rear   EDU § 34.002 No Signs on School Bus (applicable to front and rear only)  
No valid inspection certificate   548.601; 548.605 No Valid Inspection Certificate    
Inspection certificate on wring vehicle   548.603 Placed (or caused to be placed) Inspection Certificate on Wrong Vehicle  
Restrictions on airbags   547.614(b) Restrictions on Airbags
Use equipment not approved   547.101; 547.201 Use Equipment Not Approved (head lamp, signal lamp, reflector, safety glass, glass coating material, etc., specify)  

Violations Against Pedestrians

Failed to use due care for pedestrian   552.008 Failed to Use Due Care for Pedestrian
Failed to yield for blind or incapacitated person   HRC§121.007 Failed to Yield for Blind (or incapacitated) Person
Failed to yield ROW to pedestrian at signal intersection   552.002 Failed to Yield ROW to Pedestrian at Signal Intersection
Failed to yield ROW to pedestrian at green arrow signal   544.007; 552.001 Failed to Yield ROW to Pedestrian (green arrow signal – alone or with another indication)
Failed to yield ROW to pedestrian in crosswalk with no signal   552.003 Failed to Yield ROW to Pedestrian in Crosswalk – No Signals
Failed to yield ROW to pedestrian in crosswalk with other vehicle stopped   552.003 Failed to Yield ROW to Pedestrian in Crosswalk – Other Vehicle Stopped
Failed to yield ROW to pedestrian on sidewalk with vehicle emerging from or entering alley   552.006 Failed to Yield ROW to Pedestrian in Sidewalk (vehicle emerging from or entering alley, etc.)
Failed to yield ROW to pedestrian when turning right or left at intersection having a green or red signal   544.007; 552.001 Failed to Yield ROW to Pedestrian (turning right or left at intersection having green signal or red signal)

Weight Violations

Aid and abet 15% or over   621.503 Aid and Abet (use weight arrest title) – 15% or over
Aid and abet 15% or under   621.503 Aid and Abet (use weight arrest title) – 15% or under  
Fail to carry copy of bond in vehicle   622.013; 622.017; 622.134; 622.136; 623.163; 623.165 Failure to carry copy of bond in vehicle            
Fail to maintain weight record   621.509 Failure to Maintain Weight Record as listed under conditions in Sec. 621.410  
Over axle load when transporting recyclable materials   622.136 Over Axle Load (recyclable materials transport)
Over axle load   621.102; 621.301; 621.302; 621.502; 621.507   Over Axle Load (Zoned ___)
Over gross weight   502.151; 621.101   Over Gross Weight
Over gross weight (cement)   622.011-622.017 Over Gross Weight (Cement)    
Over gross weight (group of axles)   502.101; 621.101 Over Gross Weight (Group of Axles)    
Over gross (zoned)   621.102; 621.301; 621.302; 621.502; 621.507 Over Gross (Zoned)          
Over permissible wheel weight   502.151; 621.101   Over Permissible Wheel Weight
Over tandem load   621.102; 621.301; 621.302; 621.502; 621.507   Over Tandem Load (Zoned___)
Over tire size limit   502.151; 621.101   Over Tire Size Limitation
Over wheel load   621.102; 621.301; 621.302; 621.502; 621.507   Over Wheel Load (Zoned___)
Over 20,000 lbs axle   502.151; 621.101   Over 20,000 lbs. Axle    
Over 34,000 lbs tandem axle   502.151; 621.101   Over 34,000 lbs. Tandem Axle
Over 44,000 lbs tandem (cement)   622.011-622.017 Over 44,000 lbs. Tandem (Cement)    
Over 44,000 lbs tandem (solid waste)   623.161-623.165 Over 44,000 lbs. Tandem (solid waste)    
Over 64,000 lbs gross weight (cement)   622.011-622.013 Over 64,000 lbs. Gross Weight (Cement)    
Over 64,000 lbs gross weight (solid waste)   623.161-623.165   Over 64,000 lbs. Gross Weight (solid waste)
Second offense   521.461; 547.802; 621.506   Second Offense
Third or subsequent offense   521.461; 547.802; 621.506   Third or Subsequent Offense
Tow trucks – permit not required to exceed weight limitations   622.954 Tow Trucks – permit not required to exceed weight limitation

Wrong Side or Wrong Way

Drove in center late when not passing or not making a left turn   545.060 Drove in Center Lane (not passing or not making left turn)
Drove on wrong side of divided highway   545.063     Drove on Wrong Side of Divided Highway
Drove on wrong side of road when approaching bridge   545.055; 545.056 Drove on Wrong Side of Road Approaching Bridge (viaduct or tunnel)
Drove on wrong side of road approaching intersection   545.055; 545.056 Drove on Wrong Side of Road Approaching (or traversing) Intersection
Drove on wrong side of road approaching RR crossing   545.055; 545.056 Drove on Wrong Side of Road Approaching (or traversing) RR Grade Crossing
Drove on wrong side of road awaiting access to ferry   545.055; 545.056 Drove on Wrong Side of Road Awaiting Access to Ferry (ferry operated and signs posted by State Highway Commission)  
Drove on wrong side of road on a no passing zone   545.055; 545.056 Drove on Wrong Side of Road – No Passing Zone (sight restriction)
Drove to left of rotary traffic island     545.059 Drove to Left of Rotary Traffic Island
Drove wrong way in designated lane   545.060 Drove Wrong Way in Designated Lane
Drove wrong way on one way highway   545.059 Drove Wrong Way on One-Way Highway
Failed to give one half of roadway when meeting oncoming vehicle     545.052 Failed to Give One-Half of Roadway (meeting oncoming vehicle)
Failed to pass met vehicle to right   545.052 Failed to Pass Met Vehicle to Right
Failed to yield ROW on left obstruction   545.051 Failed to Yield ROW on Left at Obstruction
Slower vehicle failed to keep right   545.051 Slower Vehicle Failed to Keep Right
Wrong side or road when not passing   545.051 Wrong Side of Road – Not Passing
Wrong side or road on 4 or more lanes 2-way roadway   545.051 Wrong Side, 4 or More Lane, Two Way Roadway

School Bus Related

Restrictions of operators of certain school buses   §521.022 Restrictions of Operators of Certain School Buses
Commercial driver license classifications   §522.041 Commercial Driver License Classifications
Endorsements   §522.042 Endorsements
Notification of conviction to department or employer   §522.061 Notification of Conviction to Department or Employer
Notification or disqualification   §522.063 Notification of Disqualification
School bus definitions   §541.201 School Bus Definitions
Passing a school bus   §545.066 Passing a School Bus
School buses to stop at all RR crossings   §545.2535 School Buses to Stop at All Railroad Grade Crossings
Speed limits   §54.352 Prima Facie Speed Limits
Seat belts   §545.413 Safety Belts
Use of wireless communications device   §545.425 Use of Wireless Communications Device by Certain Motorists  
Operation of school bus   §545.462 Operation of School Bus
Offense relation to violation of special use provisions   §547.005 Offense Relation to Violation of Special-Use Provisions (School Bus Lettering)
School bus equipment standards   §547.102 School Bus Equipment Standards
Restrictions on lights   §547.305 Restrictions on Use of Lights
Fire extinguisher   §547.607 Fire Extinguisher Required
Certain use of television receivers and video equipment   §547.611 Use of Certain Video Equipment and Television Receivers
Additional equipment requirements   §547.701 Additional Equipment Requirements for School Buses