Car Wrecks

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In a Car Accident With No License?

Have you ever wondered about the chaos a car accident with no license can unleash? Picture this: metal crumpling, tires screeching, and hearts pounding in an eerie symphony of mishap. Now add to that tumultuous scene an unlicensed driver behind the wheel. Throwing an unlicensed driver into the mix of this already tumultuous scene only…

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When to Hire an Attorney after a Car Accident

Ever been caught in a maze with no clear path out? That’s how it can feel when to hire an attorney after a car accident. It’s complex, stressful and you’re probably feeling lost. You’re not alone. We’ve all heard stories of someone blindsided by insurance complications, buried under medical bills, or frustrated trying to prove…

Distracted Driving

Texting and Driving versus Drinking and Driving

Drunk driving vs texting and driving is a common topic when people discuss the dangers of distracted or impaired driving. It’s easy for people to think texting and driving is safer because you’re likely sober and may only look down for a few seconds.

A person driving in the car while holding their phone.

What Does Multitasking While Driving Mean?

The dangers of distracted driving have been known since the dawn of the automobile. No matter how coordinated you think you are, there’s no excuse for messing with your phone or tablet while you’re behind the wheel. Don’t believe us? No need to trust our opinion—trust the data instead.


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Should I Talk to my Insurer after a Car Wreck?

Do I call my insurance after an accident? After an accident, many drivers are uncertain about whether they should contact their insurance company. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of reporting an accident to your insurance company and how to handle communication with both your insurer and the at-fault driver’s…

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Driving without Insurance in Texas

Purchasing insurance for your vehicle is one of your main legal duties in the state of Texas. While jail time is not something you’ll face when driving without insurance in this state, this is still a crime, and you could face several penalties and fines. This goes for all motorists, whether driving in the city…


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Can I Fire My Lawyer? Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re caught in a legal battle and fighting for your rights after a car accident, or for your job in an employment issue, a good relationship with your lawyer is a must. If you find that you don’t feel as though you can trust your lawyer, worry that he or she may not have…

A person riding on the back of a motorcycle down a road.

Texas Motorcycle Laws: Everything You Need to Know

Texas is known for its motorcycle culture. With long stretches of open road and countless different terrains, it is a great destination to bring your motorcycle. Before you take to the open road, you need to know Texas’ motorcycle laws. Below we have detailed everything you need to know to safely and legally ride your…

Personal Injury

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Do Bicycles Have the Right-of-Way in Texas?

Bikes are a popular mode of transportation in Texas, from commuters to recreational riders. Unfortunately, nearly 1000 cyclists die, and thousands of other riders are injured each year from bicycle accidents. This issue can be prevented if cyclists and other vehicle drivers understand bicycle laws. Among the important yet overlooked laws cyclists should be aware…

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Trauma After Car Accident: Recovery & Treatment

Car accidents are terrifying and, in worse cases, can lead to permanent injuries. Car accidents often impact victims physically and they leave mental wounds too.  These mental wounds typically change the victims’ lives in every aspect. The life someone has known before an accident is no more, only adding to the nightmare of accident trauma. …

Product Liability

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The Dangers of Keyless Ignitions

Imagine this scenario. You’re a mother of three children. You arrive home from the grocery store, pull into the garage, shut the garage door behind you, hit the off button on your keyless ignition (you think), unload the kids and groceries, and head inside. Nothing to be afraid of there, right? Well, what if your…