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Subrogation in Car and Truck Accidents

Why do Insurance Companies Seek Subrogation?

Insurance companies see subrogation as a source of revenue. This revenue has become a necessity in recent years because premiums have been lowered because of market pressure. You should understand the basics of subrogation because subrogation clauses are common in most car insurance policies.
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The Compassion Connection

For various reasons unrelated to lawyering, I recently read a book called “Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain†by Sharon Begley. The book describes how the science of neuroplasticity reveals our extraordinary potential to transform ourselves. I am sharing with you portions of that book that struck me as profoundly related to us as lawyers in 1. the notion that we are not bound by our DNA; 2. the mindfulness that we need to be present in what we do; and 3. our job of finding the compassion in our jurors. I am not providing footnotes or citations to the studies mentioned in this article. Should you wish further exploration, I highly recommend the book.
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