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Chris Stoy

About Chris Stoy

Chris has devoted his life to the practice of law.  Ask his clients and they will tell you about all the care and dedication he tirelessly provided day in, and day out until the case was resolved.  Ask a lawyer who has opposed him and you will most likely hear how Chris fought relentlessly for every inch, how he never backed down.

Chris’s Background

Chris was born in Fort Worth, Texas and later graduated from Aledo High School. He spent his childhood competing in rodeos and participating in other ranch-life activities.  Chris was taught the importance of hard work at an early age.  That same work ethic stays with him today.

Chris attended college at Texas A&M University where he was selected to be on the board of Chilifest, Inc. – an organization that hosts an annual fund raising event in a town just outside of College Station. Since its inception, Chilifest has raised raised millions of dollars for charities.  Chris was Chairman of Chilifest, Inc., in 2006.

After graduating Texas A&M University, Mr. Stoy attended St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio, Texas. While at St. Mary’s, Chris won numerous mock trial competitions and wrote for the St. Mary’s Law Review.  During law school, Mr. Stoy also studied abroad in Innsbruck, Austria under the United States Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts.

After graduating law school, Chris returned to Fort Worth, Texas and began his legal career at a prestigious defense firm where he practiced insurance defense.  That experience proved to be invaluable as Chris was able to learn how the evil insurance industry works.  During his time as a defense lawyer, Chris traveled to London, UK to work with adjusters from Lloyds of London – known to most as the world’s largest insurer.

Through the process of defending insurance companies, Chris realized that representing the injured – the truly aggrieved – was what he had been called to do.  But, he had to bide his time.  He had to learn the ways of the dark side.  He had to wait for the right opportunity to come along.  That opportunity came in 2013.

The Formation of Stoy Law Group, PLLC

Chris and Susan met in 2013 and the two instantly knew that they shared a passion for helping people.  Chris and Susan opened Stoy Law Group, PLLC in 2014 and haven’t looked back.  Chris and Susan have tried an large number of cases together including:

  • Civil suit against the City of Dallas for a police officer’s wrongful shooting of an innocent, unarmed man;
  • Numerous cases against employers who have discriminated or retaliated against their employees;
  • Personal injury matters ranging from car wrecks to product liability actions.