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Roundup is a common weed killer that many people use in their gardens, but that potent killer for plants might also have health implications for humans as well. People have been wondering for decades if at-home pesticides have caused adverse outcomes in the people who use them.

We’re finding out they severely harm people’s health, and it’s up to Roundup lawyers to provide justice.

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Is Roundup Toxic?

A problem for scientists trying to assess the harmfulness of Roundup is the fact that herbicide companies aren’t legally required to make their ingredients list public.

Scientists would have to acquire the ingredients list through lawsuits, which slows down the scientific discovery process in determining the danger of Roundup, and thus Roundup weed killer lawsuits for cancer.

What scientists do know is that the herbicide glyphosate is one of the most active ingredients in Roundup.

What is Glyphosate?

Glyphosate is one of the most commonly used herbicides in the world — an estimated 6.1 billion kilograms of glyphosate across the globe in the past ten years.

Glyphosate has been sold as a plant killer or inhibitor since the 70s, as researchers saw that the plant inhibited the pathway of certain enzymes that facilitate the plant’s growth. Without those enzymes, the plant doesn’t grow and begins to die.

Glyphosate is rarely used alone, though.

It’s more common that the plant is pulled or cut, and then the glyphosate is applied.

It was initially thought that glyphosate only impacted the enzyme systems in plants. Soon enough, researchers began to study if glyphosate and the products that used it, like Roundup, caused cancer.

Researchers from reputable universities and other institutions found that Glyphosate does impact people’s health.

Industry-backed research found little to no conclusive results about the herbicide’s danger to humans and other organisms.

To this day, there’s a lot of confusion as to whether or not glyphosate and Roundup are toxic, but Roundup class action lawsuits are leading to definitive conclusions.

Glyphosate itself is thought to have little impact on humans and other animal species when used correctly. Namely, applying the herbicide directly onto a cut plant’s trunk or stems, ensuring little herbicide falls onto the surrounding environment.

But people rarely buy pure glyphosate.

Instead, they purchase glyphosate with a bunch of other synthetic chemicals in the form of Roundup. It is the interactions with these other chemicals that make Roundup dangerous and spur the Roundup lawsuits for cancer.

Why Roundup is Toxic

Roundup contains the secret ingredients that the company isn’t legally required to put on the label. When analyzed in a lab setting, these ingredients have been shown to cause severe adverse health outcomes in humans and other animals.

A significant finding from these studies is that Roundup is considerably more toxic to humans than glyphosate alone.

Roundup impacts the human cells and can cause mutations severe enough to lead to cancer, decrease life-longevity, and cause the individual to incur thousands of dollars in medical costs.

What Kind of Cancer Does Roundup Cause?

The Roundup class action lawsuits show that the weed killer has been linked to several cancers. The most common thread between the diseases on this list is that they affect the immune system and lymph nodes.

  • Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma
  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • Follicular Lymphoma

Diverse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

In essence, this type of cancer affects the blood, and it’s severe enough to threaten someone’s life. Cancer starts in the lymph nodes and spreads to the bloodstream.

This cancer makes the two primary cells in the lymphatic system reproduce out of control. As described in the name of this cancer, that particular cell is the B-cell.

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma impacts the immune system, particularly your lymph nodes and your lymphatic tissues.

But, somewhat like leukemia, it can get into the bloodstream and bone marrow as well.

Follicular Lymphoma

Follicular lymphoma is another type of cancer that starts with the lymphatic system or lymph nodes and ends up in the bloodstream. Studies show that workers who regularly use Roundup have a higher chance of developing follicular lymphoma.

Symptoms include more prominent lymph nodes in the underarms, neck, groin, or stomach. It also includes difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, fatigue, weight loss, and night sweats.

Follicular lymphoma, B-cell lymphoma, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma are some of the most common cancers associated with Roundup use.

You could also get cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, mantle cell lymphoma, multiple myeloma, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, primary nervous system lymphoma, and anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

Is Roundup Still Legal?

Yes, Roundup is still legal, and you can go to a home improvement store or grocery store with a garden section and continue to buy the product.

Many places in other parts of the world recognize the dangers behind Monsanto’s Roundup. The World Health Organization in 2015 found that glyphosate is a probable carcinogen element to humans. Then the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States said that glyphosate is not harmful.

However, the European Union voted to ban glyphosate, and thus Roundup, in 28 countries, and more nations around the world followed suit. From Denmark to Sri Lanka, countries are seeing the danger Roundup does to its citizens.

They’re vowing to remove the dangerous chemical from its soil.

But, as of publication, the United States has not followed suit to ban the Missouri-based company Monsanto from selling its product on its national soil. There are bound to be many more Roundup weed killer lawsuits for cancer.

How Many Lawsuits Have Been Filed Against Monsanto?

Monsanto is the company that created Roundup. They’ve seen their fair share of lawsuits since they’ve been shown time and again that their products harm people, animals, and the environment.

They continue to sell products anyway.

One of the more notable cases filed against Monsanto is that of Dewayne Johnson, who was a groundskeeper at a K-12 school.

The specific case against Monsanto was called Johnson V. Monsanto Co. Throughout the court case, it was found that Johnson was dying of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and only had a few years to live after the diagnosis.

He found a Roundup lawyer to defend him, but they couldn’t repair his injured body.

Monsanto knew that Roundup caused his cancer since Johnson used the product consistently in his job. Johnson’s Roundup lawsuit for cancer was to be expected.

The jury awarded $289 million to Johnson for the harm caused by Monsanto. Johnson’s not the first to sue Monsanto — over 5,000 lawsuits have been filed against the chemical company. But the definitive winner from the case is this; Monsanto knew their product was putting people in harm, causing severe health issues as a result of their Roundup weed killer.

Monsanto consistently tries to cover up the harm their products do to people and the environment. Johnson v. Monsanto Co. and others show that more people are becoming aware of Monsanto’s damage to the general public, and it’s up to Roundup lawyers to hold the company accountable.

If you feel Monsanto harmed you, you too can file a Roundup class action lawsuit against them with the help of a Roundup lawyer. However, you have to make sure that the statute of limitations isn’t up against this company.

Contact the lawyers at Stoy Law Group for help filing a Roundup lawsuit.

Roundup Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

Johnson’s high settlement amount might make you wonder if you could claim a substantial amount of money too, there are over 1,245 Roundup weed killer lawsuits pending in the United States.

The Roundup lawsuit settlement amounts are bound to differentiate based on the severity of damage done by the weed killer, but consumers can gain compensation nonetheless.

If you want to know if you could get a high Roundup lawsuit settlement amount, fill out a free Roundup lawsuit evaluation. Stoy Law Group offers free Roundup lawsuit evaluations and quick response times to determine if you can get compensated for any damages from the weed killer.

What is the Statute of Limitations for a Roundup Lawsuit?

Each state has its own rules for the statute of limitations, so when you contact us or fill out the free case evaluation be sure sure to list your state of residence.

The intricacies of the human body may significantly hinder the speed in which you file a lawsuit, though. Exposure to Roundup has been shown to cause cancer in multiple studies, and the particular Roundup lymphomas are commonly non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, diffuse B-cell lymphoma, and follicular lymphoma, among others.

However, there’s less consensus on how quickly Roundup causes cancer in humans.

It would make logical sense that the more of the herbicide you were exposed to, the quicker cancer develops, such as with Dewayne Johnson, who was regularly exposed to Roundup and had a severe case of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

But if you use Roundup occasionally in your backyard, and then rarely tread on the grass treated with Roundup in your yard, you’ll be exposed to fewer levels of glyphosate and other chemicals in Roundup. You could develop one of the Roundup lymphomas but more slowly.

Even if you do develop cancer, it will take even longer for a Roundup lawyer to build the case that the disease was caused by the weed killer that’s needed for a Roundup lawsuit.

Doctors will want to assess every possible aspect of your life that could have contributed to your cancer, such as diet, smoking habits, health, exercise, location to trash dumps and contaminated sites, and a slew of other areas.

Doctors and oncologists would likely gloss over the dangers of Roundup, especially if you don’t use it frequently. When you describe what could have caused your cancer, you could forget to mention Roundup, even if it’s the leading contributor to carcinogens entering your body.

The slow development and multiple causes of cancer will be even more apparent if you seek legal action against Monsanto.

Remember, Monsanto has had thousands of lawsuits against it related to the harm its products cause against living things.

Because of all the Monsanto lawsuits, and the company hopes to protect itself, its reputation, and its profits as much as possible, the Monsanto legal team is incredibly adept at finding any possible cue or morsel of information that could indicate that something else, not Roundup or another Monsanto product, caused your cancer.

The Monsanto lawsuits is another nail in the coffin in terms of the statute of limitations against them. The country could hinder the pre-legal proceeding against them to run the clock on your statute of limitations, despite your Roundup lymphoma.

The company has a bottom line at stake, so it’s determined to ensure your lawsuit against them isn’t what causes the U.S. government to pull Roundup from store shelves.

They’ll do anything to deter a plaintiff’s successful Roundup lawsuit.

What You Can Do If You’ve Been Harmed by Roundup or Monsanto

Man spraying Roundup

So if you think you’re eligible to file a Roundup non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma lawsuit, you have no time to spare.

You have to call a lawyer immediately to see if you have a case. If it’s determined that you do, you have to quickly try to pull a lawsuit against the giant chemical company.

The first thing you should do is ensure you’re taking care of your health as much as possible. If you’ve been diagnosed with a Roundup-related lymphoma,  you’ll have to make sure you’re caring for yourself as much as possible.

If using Roundup made you sick, you have to ensure you’re physically and mentally well enough to fight against a large corporation. For many people, they might not have that luxury.

Hopefully, though, you will have found your illness early enough so that it’s treatable and manageable but still severe enough to warrant a lawsuit. You’re sure your disease was caused by Monsanto, but you can’t fight them alone.

You need to find a product liability lawyer to be on your team. Preferably, this law firm will have years of experience enacting Monsanto lawsuits for the harm its product Roundup causes it.

An experienced legal team is crucial because, as mentioned previously, Monsanto lawsuits range in the thousands, each revealing different insights about the company. Your lawyer needs to know all of this information to ensure they build the best case against Monsanto in your favor.

Thus, picking the right law group is crucial.

Not only should your law group be well-educated and talented, but they have to have tenacity as well. Monsanto is an aggressive company. Monsanto lawyers are slick, to ensure they avoid blame for what their products do to people and the environment.

Monsanto is the company that sued small farmers for excessive reasons. These small farmers would be positioned near larger corporate ones who use Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds.

When the wind blew Monsanto’s seeds into the fields of small farmers, and those seeds grew without the farmer’s knowledge or autonomy, Monsanto sued those farmers because of patent and copyright reasons.

Monsanto is a wily, slippery company with a competent legal team and lots to lose. Therefore, your legal counsel needs to have the guts to go against a large corporation like Monsanto to fight for what’s right. They can’t get intimidated by Monsanto’s tricks, and this legal team always has to have your best interest at heart.

The legal team we’re talking about, of course, is Warriors for Justice. They’re the best to tackle a Roundup non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma lawsuit.

The Lawyers at Stoy Law Group Can Help You File A Roundup Lawsuit

Monsanto has been knowingly hurting people with Roundup for far too long. The people who have been harmed are entitled to compensation — and the company needs to pay up.

The attorneys at Stoy Law Group, the Warriors for Justice, have a total of 30 years of legal experience to fight for people’s rights and ensure they’re compensated for the suffering incurred.

Whether it’s civil rights violations, personal injury, employment discrimination, and, in this case, product liability, the Warriors for Justice know how to ensure your needs are met.

Our team listen to you.

The attorneys at Stoy Law Group care for your injuries and your harms, and we have the courage, knowledge, and wit to fight against those who have done wrong.

This is true, especially in the case of Monsanto.

The lawyers at Stoy Law Group get results for our clients. Some of their clients have received millions for negligent actions done by a company. For example, one client won $1.13 million against a trucking company for their traumatic brain injury incurred on the job.

You’ll never gain the compensation for your impaired health if you don’t take steps to seek legal action against negligent, money-hungry companies. And a Roundup non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma lawsuit is too important to pass out on.

In a legal system that’s set up to benefit those nefarious individuals, it’s a law firm like Stoy Law Group — the Warriors of Justice — to ensure those who get hurt get the compensation they need.

How to Contact the Stoy Law Group for Legal Aid Against Monsanto

The Stoy Law Group headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas. For questions or concerns, you can call us on the phone at (817) 820-0100.

There’s even a free case evaluation you can fill out and submit to see if you’re entitled to legal actions against Monsanto for your Roundup use.

Should you prefer written correspondence, you can contact Stoy Law Group here. Include your personal information and the reason for your contacting the Warriors for Justice. Someone from the team will perform a free Roundup lawsuit evaluation on our claim and see if you can get the legal action you deserve.

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When it comes to your health, time is crucial.

Roundup has demonstrated again and again to cause severe, life-threatening cancers. By the time you and your doctor find Roundup as the cause of your illness, it could be too late to seek legal action against Monsanto.

Stoy Law Group can answer any questions you have about Roundup, glyphosate, Monsanto, and the compensation you deserve.

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