Multi Vehicle Auto Accident

What is a Multi Vehicle Accident?

A multiple car accident is any traffic accident that involves two or more vehicles (including, cars, trucks, and buses). Multiple vehicle accidents are one of the deadliest types of accidents out there because repeated impacts can lead to more injuries and more property damages.

Multi Vehicle Auto AccidentWhen a multiple vehicle crash occurs, there could be more than one injured party, and more than one at fault driver. This means that the process to determine who is at fault can be complicated.

What are Common Types of Multiple Vehicle Auto Accidents?

There are three common types of multiple vehicle auto accidents. One common type of multiple vehicle accident is known as a pile-up. This often occurs on highways when one driver slams on his breaks. Then a second car rear-ends the first car, and a third vehicle hits the second vehicle. This sort of chain reaction is common on the high ways in North Texas.

Another common type of multiple vehicle accident involves a collision in an intersection. In this situation, a driver will run a red light and hit a car that was driving through the intersection. This could result in a pile up if there are other cars driving behind the car going through the intersection.

Lastly, a collision may force a driver into another lane due to an impact from a collision and hit a vehicle in the other lane.

Who is at Fault for Multiple Vehicle Auto Accidents?

Determining who is negligent is complicated when an auto accident involves multiple different vehicles. An investigation will need to take place in order to reconstruct the events leading up to the accident. There are three different groups that may conduct investigations of auto accidents: police, insurance companies, and personal injury attorneys. When an investigation occurs police reports are reviewed, and interviews of witnesses and passengers are conducted.

Investigations center on an analysis of the factors that lead up to the accident. First, investigators consider whether the parties in the accidents were operating their vehicles correctly. This means that the investigators will consider whether a party was speeding, following the vehicle in front of them too closely, or if the party failed to stop at a stop sign or red light. If a party fails to use a blinker or makes a sudden turn, they could be responsible for the accident. Next, a party could be responsible for an accident if they were driving their car without headlights on or if they were driving on the wrong side of the road. Lastly, reckless driving can cause a multiple vehicle car accident.

Next, the investigators will consider whether any of the parties were driving were distracted. Investigators will determine if any of the parties was operating a vehicle while texting, talking, or using a cell phone. The driver could also be distracted if they were talking with other passengers and failed to pay attention to the road. Investigators will also determine whether any of the parties were operating a vehicle while intoxication or while under the influence of any drugs.

The driver could cause an accident if they fall asleep behind the wheel. This could occur if the driver is using drugs that cause drowsiness and falls asleep. An accident could also occur if a truck driver is working long hours and attempts to drive without taking a break to sleep.

In addition, the investigators will consider whether there was a mechanical failure that caused the accident. A mechanical failure involves a problem with one of the vehicles involved in the car wreck. One common mechanical failure involves a break failure. Another common mechanical failure is a broken accelerator..

Also, investigators will determine whether the accident was caused by a pedestrian or a cyclist. The investigators will also consider whether there was debris on the roadway or a poor road design that contributed to the accident.

The investigators will also consider whether the accident was an unavoidable accident. This means that there was nothing that could have been done to prevent the accident, and none of the people involved in the accident are at fault.

Next, investigators will determine whether the accident was caused by an act of God. Normally, parties will not be at fault for car accidents if an act of God caused the accident. Analysis of whether an act of God occurred usually centers on whether the accident was caused a violence of nature such as a hurricane or a tornado.

Lastly, investigators will consider whether the accident was caused by a sudden emergency. For example, a party may not be liable if they had a seizure while operating a vehicle.

Why is it important to determine who is at fault?

It is important to determine who is at fault for a multi vehicle accident because a party will not be liable for damages unless they were at fault for the accident. In Texas, pure comparative negligence is used to determine who is at fault for an accident. Under this approach, courts assess each party’s negligence when determining damages, and a negligent plaintiff to recover even when her negligence exceeds the Defendant’s negligence.

How can an Attorney Assist a Client after a Multiple Vehicle Accident?

As discussed above, determining who is at fault for a multiple vehicle accident is complicated. The more vehicles that are involved the more people that may be injured. Often the drivers of other vehicles will attempt to point fingers at the other drivers in order to avoid liability. An attorney can also assist you in proving that you deserve to receive compensation, and that the other drivers were at fault for the accident. An attorney can also help you deal with multiple different insurance companies.

Should I hire a personal injury attorney if there has already been an investigation by my insurance company?

It is important to remember that insurance companies are businesses. This means that insurance companies have their bottom line in mind when they deal with policyholders. Your insurance company likely wants to make sure that they are paying you as little money on your claim as they can. An experienced personal injury attorney will ensure that the insurance company pays an injured client adequate compensation.